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Halloween '06
Halloween '06
Christmas party '08
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Octoberfest/Halloween '09 from Bill
Octoberfest/Halloween '09
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Fish Fry '09
SAFDF 2013
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'70's - Brenda, Bill, Julie, Stuart
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Nikolay Tsvetkov Bulgarian Folk Dance Workshop 091015
Nikolay is seated in the center of the first row.  Baton Rouge IFD dancers shown in order from the left center are Krassi Antonova, Janetta Kriel, Dugan Sabins, and Charlene Heaton- attending but not pictured was Joan Parness.  For those old time Baton Rouge dancers you will recognized Doss Burroughs in the back row.  Also recognizable from the host Crescent City International Dancers are Michele Benoit, Lita Pinter and Elliot R. 
.Karpaty at SACFEST 2003
Halloween / Octoberfest 2017